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What is NemID?

NemID is used for many different self-service solutions. NemID is strictly personal like for example a passport.

NemID is a personal code card you use, when you log in. It makes the log-in more secure. It is a folded piece of paper with codes on.

When you log in somewhere you get a code on the screen, and the personal code card shows a code matching the code on the screen.

You get a new NemID in the mail when you are running out of codes. 

Among other things you need NemID when you log on to:

  • Online banking.
  • e-Boks. Read more about e-Boks at How do I open my e-Boks?
  • To register change of address.
  • Insurance issues and many other things.

At NemID’s English website you can learn more and sign up. You can find help if you for example:

  • Forgot your user ID.
  • Lost your code card.
  • Forgot your password.
  • Want to change your password.
  • Need an extra code card.

NemID is personal

You cannot order NemID on behalf of others, not even by proxy. It is illegal to use other people’s NemID. That is considered fraud.

If a person is sick or in some kind of permanent state which makes him or her incapable of managing his or her own affairs, you can apply to Statsforvaltningen (the Regional State Administration) for guardianship.

That way you will be able to sign with your own NemID on behalf of this person.

More information

You can  find more information about NemID on NemID’s English website.

For more information on the requirements for getting a NemID, see How do I get NemID?