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What is a “medielicens”?

A media licence is a type of media tax that everyone who has a television, or indeed any device with internet access, has to pay.

You have to pay a fixed amount per year to be entitled to see the TV channels of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Danmarks Radio or normally just DR), listen to DR’s radio programmes or to use the DR website.

This is called a media licence. Other media also receive some of the media licence revenue.

DR and the other media entitled to licence money are committed to producing public service programming; i.e. TV, radio and web content that is relevant for those living in Denmark.

It is compulsory to pay for a media licence if you have a TV, a radio or a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access, even if you do not use the services of DR or other media entitled to licence money.

You can be fined if you do not pay for a media licence.

You have to sign up to pay for a media licence yourself. The fee is DKK 2,492 per year.

On DR's website you can read more about the media licence in English.