What is life like as a student in Denmark?

It is good to be a student in Copenhagen. Mostly, you can structure your own time, and it is possible to get financial support.

Independent study

Danish universities place great emphasis on independent study. This means that it is up to yourself to study for lectures and lessons, and you do not have so many lectures. However, on some studies you spend many hours every day at the university.

Generally you can as a student structure your time yourself. There are often many hours that you plan yourself, and this makes student life very flexible. You can choose to go out on a Tuesday and go to work on a Saturday in stead.

Most studies require that you study about 37 hours a week to get along, but it is up to you how you structure your time.


As a student you get money from the state, so you do not have to work at lot to make ends meet. This gives you some financial security. Read more about SU in Economy for students

Many students

Copenhagen is a city full of students and young people, and therefore there is a good choice of activities for students. You can get a student discount in many places, if you show your student card, so remember to ask for a student discount.

Reading rooms

Many students use the reading rooms on the universities, so they do not have to sit at home and study. There are reading rooms both in the universities and in the libraries.

Read more about life as a student on the websites of the different universities. Find links to them at Which programmes do the universities have?