What is Karrierestedet (international students)?

If you are an international student you can get guidance at Karrierestedet, which is a part the job centre.

Karrierestedet provides guidance and help on your future career and search for jobs. They are present at the Danish universities situated in Copenhagen providing individual guidance, counseling and online services.

The services Karrierestedet provides are:

  • Translate your academic skills and qualifications for the labor market.
  • Get started with your job search and make a plan to move forward.
  • Get feedback on your cover letter, CV and linkedin profile.
  • Use project/thesis as a stepping stone to get a job.

For more information of where you find Karrierestedet and get the services send an e-mail to karrierestedet-uni@bif.kk.dk.

You can find more information about job seeking courses for students in the pdf below.


Chat service

You can chat with Karriereservice if you have questions. The chat service of Karrierestedet is open Monday – Thursday 9.30 – 11.30 p.m.

Start the chat. You have to log on with NemID. The page is in Danish.

Read more if you don't have a NemID.