What is Greater Copenhagen Career Program?

Greater Copenhagen Career Program for international students consists of job search and networking activities and a mentorship

Greater Copenhagen Career Program is a 6 months’ career program for international students combining job search seminars with a personal career mentor and networking activities with Danish companies. The program is offered in co-operation with Copenhagen Capacity and is partly funded by EU. This means that the program is eligible for students and newly graduates (within 6 months from graduation from a Danish higher educational institution) from all over the Greater Copenhagen area and the volume is 160 students a year.

Businesses in Denmark are in need of experts with specialised technical skills, international experience and cultural understanding of foreign markets.

The Greater Copenhagen Career Program aims at gearing international students for a career in the many companies and organisations in Denmark looking for employees with global skills.

The purpose of the Program is to help students gain insight in the Danish labour market and to give them an understanding of how to use networking in their career strategy. During the program each participant will be matched with a professional personal mentor, who can provide information about job possibilities, (in)formal rules at the work place, job seeking strategies etc.

The mentors are volunteer professionals who are provided through The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) and Association New Dane (Foreningen Nydansker).

Alongside the mentoring the participants follow a series of networking/jobseeking seminars held at International House Copenhagen.

Francisco Lauritio, a former student at DTU, has only good things to say about his participation in the program:

I'm really grateful with the Program. Thanks to all the inputs that I got from participating in the program I found a job before I defended my MSc. Thesis in the Danish Hydraulic Institute which is the main company for hydraulic engineers.

I only have good things to say about the program starting on how to write applications until using LinkedIn as a networking tool. All workshops helped a lot in the process and my relationship with my mentor have evolved into a nice friendly one. Actually he worked in front of my office in Forskerparken Hørsholm.

Join the program to:

  • Learn how to structure your CV, application and LinkedIn profile and how to use job vacancy portals in Denmark.
  • Learn how to present yourself professionally.
  • Take part in job matchmaking activities with companies.
  • Learn how to use networking in your career strategy.
  • Get a personal career mentor.
  • Familiarise yourself with the labour market, working culture and workers’ rights in Denmark.
  • Take part in activities, which will improve your value for Danish companies.

Next program period is October 2021  – May 2021

Application period: August 10th  – September 19th 2021

For more information about the program and how to apply please watch our short video More information and contact

Business House Copenhagen
International House
Gyldenløvesgade 11
1600 Copenhagen V
E-mail: cphcareerprogram@bif.kk.dk