What do I do if I need to stay home from work for a day?

You need to contact your employer if you are sick. Also talk to your employer or if you wish to have a day off work.


If you have to stay home, because you are sick, the normal procedure is to call in sick the morning. Often you are supposed to report back when you are well again.

Contact your employer to find out the rules for signing off sick in your workplace.

Sick child

If you have to stay home, because your child is sick, see What is 'the child's first sick day'? If you have to stay home from work, because your child needs to go to a doctor or similar, you can find information at What are 'care days' (omsorgsdage)? 

It is always a good idea to look in your contract or talk to your employer about the rules in advance, so you know what to do if necessary.

A day off

You have to talk to your employer if you wish to ask for a day off. The rules vary between workplaces. But it is a good idea to know the rules in advance.