What is the cost of a room in a nursing home in Copenhagen?

In most nursing homes in Copenhagen the residents rent their room/apartment. If the rent is high, you can apply for a supplement.


For a single old age pensioner with no other income the price for living in a nursing home is on average DKK 1500 per month.

There are fixed rules for calculation of the actual rent, and the price depends among other things on:

  • Your financial situation (income). If you have other income than your state pension (for example interest income), your rent will be higher than for a pensioner with no other income. 
  • The size of the room/apartment.
  • The running costs of the nursing home.

​How do you pay for living in a nursing home?

The costs of living in a nursing home (rent, electricity, heating, food, laundry etc.) will automatically be deducted from your pension.


If the rent is high, you can apply for a supplement to your rent. The size of the supplement is based on your other income.

For more information contact

The Health and Care Administration
City Hall
1599 Copenhagen V
Phone: +45 33 66 23 81
E-mail: suf@suf.kk.dk