What is Copenhagen Host Program?

Copenhagen Host Program matches newcomers with local volunteer hosts who speak the Danish language and know about the local community.

Watch a video about Copenhagen Host Program (YouTube)

Meetings between newcomers and volunteer hosts enables mutual learning between fellow citizens and helps newcomers get a good start on their life in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Host Program is a co-operation between Copenhagen Municipality and Association New Dane.

The hosts

Copenhagen Host Program can match you with one of 2 different kinds of volunteer hosts:

  • A Career Host who can introduce newcomers to the educational system or the job market in Denmark. Copenhagen Host Program match newcomers and Career Hosts based on common professional background.
  • A Culture Host who will introduce newcomers to Copenhagen’s cultural life and local community. Copenhagen Host Program match newcomers and Culture Hosts based on common interests.

Who can join the program?

All newcomers who have been in Denmark for less than 3 years. You must also reside in Copenhagen.

Since The Host Program is a 6 month program and it will take some time to match you, you can only participate in the program if you plan on staying in Denmark for a year or more without longer periods of travelling.

The Host Program is free of cost for participants.

If you want to participate

If you want to join the program, you must contact the coordinator.

See What is Copenhagen Host Program? for information about career hosts.

Contact and more information

Contact the coordinator of Copenhagen Host Program:
Peter Raunkjær Christensen
Phone: +45 20 33 71 65
E-mail: cphhostprogram@bif.kk.dk

Jobcenter Integration
Hejrevej 10, 4. sal
2400 Copenhagen NV

Download a flyer in a pdf below or join Copenhagen Host Program on Facebook.