What are the rules for dental care, if I have a chronic disorder?

If you have a chronic disorder or disability and cannot get to the dentist the City of Copenhagen offers you at home dental care.

Dental care at home for citizens 65+

If you receive state pension and have a chronic disorder or disability, then you can get dental care in your own home (dental care for the disabled).

You have to apply, before you can book an appointment at dental care for the elderly (‘Voksentandplejen’). You apply at your local community office.

At the bottom on this Danish webpage, you can find information about your local community office (lokalområdekontor). 

Dental care for citizens under 65

If you are autistic or have a chronic mental condition, you can get dental care from the City of Copenhagen (special dental care).

You have to apply before booking an appointment with ‘Voksentandplejen’. You apply through the staff at the institution or treatment centre you belong to.