What are the options for child care before and after classes?

Children attending kindergarten class and first, second and third class can use the after-school centres before and after school.

Enrolment in after school centers

You normally enrol your child in the after-school centre at the same time as you enrol him or her in the district school.

If your child has a delayed school start or changes school, you must contact the placement service (Pladsanvisningen). You should enrol your child in an after-school centre as early as possible, preferably before February 1st.

Every school in Copenhagen has one affiliated after-school center.
The Placement Service sends you an offer to attend the after school-centre in the period from early April to late June.

Guaranteed place

The City of Copenhagen guarantees a place for all children in an after-school centre. This means that every child from kindergarten class through the first class to the third class will be offered a place in the after-school centre.

Opening and closing hours

Opening hours of after-school centres vary, but a typical centre is open from 7- 8 a.m. and from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Some centres are open later. More information about opening hours can be obtained from the specific centre or from the placement service.


After-school centres offer a wide variety of activities. These range from creative self-expression such as music, theatre, painting, sewing or drawing to more sporting activities such as swimming, football, skating etc.