What are my rights to free Danish lessons?

If you are a citizen in the City of Copenhagen you have the right to receive free Danish lessons for up to 5 years.

You have the right to take Danish lessons for free 5 years from the date when you were first found eligible. This only apply for citizens in Copenhagen – not the surrounding municipalities.

If you are prevented from participating in Danish lessons and need an extension

If you have started the Danish language training program and are prevented from attending for a period, you should immediately apply for an extension to the 5 years that you have already been granted, in case you need longer to complete the program.

If you work more than 30 hours a week and your personal situation does not allow you to follow the program, there is an opportunity to extend the period for more than 5 years.


You can apply for an extension of your Danish education if you get into a situation where you are prevented from attending the classes, for example because:

  • You become ill.
  • There is serious illness in your family.
  • Pregnancy, parental leave or adoption.
  • Work commitments, together with other circumstances

PLEASE NOTE: You need to apply for the extension while you are still prevented from attending, you cannot wait until you are ready to again attend classes. You apply for the extension with Jobcenter Integration.