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What are the costs for different day care options in Copenhagen?

The cost of the day care depends on which type of day care you choose for your child.

*** Regulation of parental payment rates for after school centres and special after school centres from September 1, 2019

The regulation of parental payment rates will be effective from September 1, subject to the Copenhagen city council’s (Borgerrepræsentationens) approval of the rates (expected in June 2019). The rates will be adjusted from DKK 962 to DKK 1,005.

The regulation of parental payment rates is due to changes to the primary school system where the school day for children in classes 0-3 (aged 6 to 9) will be shortened by 90 hours from the school year 2019/20. This leads to extended opening hours in all after-school centres. With this regulation, the parents' payment will constitute the same proportion of the total costs before and after changes to the primary school system.

Subsidies for siblings

If you have a child attending one of the different day care offers, you can get subsidies for siblings (søskendetilskud). This means that you pay full price for the most expensive day care offer and half price for the other day care spots.

Free place subsidy

The parental payment rate is lowered if the total household income is below DKK 551,700 (before taxes) per year.

Income limits for free place subsidy in 2019


Below DKK 177,600 per year (before taxes) - Complete free place

DKK 177,601 to DKK 551,699 per year (before taxes) - Partial free place

DKK 551,700 (before taxes) and above per year - Paid in full by parents

The income limits are raised by DKK 7,000 for each child under 18 living at home apart from the first child living at home. The income limits are raised by DKK 62,139 for single parents.