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Tickets and prices of public transport

Public transport in Copenhagen uses a common pricing and zoning system, which is divided into coloured zones.


In Copenhagen you can transfer freely between buses, trains and the Metro on the same ticket or card, provided that you do so within the time and zones of which your ticket is valid.

The cost of your journey in Greater Copenhagen depends on how many zones you need to pass through to get from A to B and what type of ticket you buy.

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You can either buy zone tickets and pay for each zone you travel through or you can use the electronic “Rejsekort”, which is the cheapest type of ticket (although you do need to order this in advance). You can also use a “Pendlerkort” or commuter pass if you travel the same route many times a week.

Below you can read about what applies for the different types of ticket.

Zone ticket

You can buy a single trip ticket that is valid in the zones you travel in within the zone map. You can buy it from the bus driver on the bus if you have small change, from the ticket machines at the stations, or you can use an app on your mobile phone.

  • You always pay for a minimum of 2 zones, which is DKK 24.
  • The zone ticket is valid for between 1 and 2 hours depending on the number of zones you have bought your ticket for.
  • An adult with a valid ticket can take two children under the age of 12 free of charge.

City Pass and all-day tickets – especially for tourists

As a tourist in Copenhagen, it may make sense to buy tickets that apply over a longer period. See your options on this English website.

Tickets for journeys within the region but outside the Greater Copenhagen zones

If you travel outside the zone map, you need to buy a ticket in a ticket office, a ticket machine or using an app on your mobile phone. You cannot buy tickets onboard the regional trains.


The electronic ticketing system “Rejsekort” can be used for most public transport in Denmark. You top up your Rejsekort and the money is deducted when you travel.

You can find more information about the rejsekort, and also order a card yourself, at Rejsekort’s English website.


If you commute on the same route every day (or at least three times a week), you can buy a Pendlerkort, where you pay a fixed amount every month, and you can then travel an unlimited number of journeys on this route.

There are also Pendlerkort commuter passes for students, which are cheaper. The price of the Pendlerkort depends on how many zones you pass on your journey. Ask in the ticket office at the station.

DSB Ung Kort – youth discount if you travel by train

You can get a DSB Ung card if you are aged between 16 and 25, or if you are a student.

The DSB Ung card costs DKK 125 a year, and it gives you a discount of up to 50 percent on some regional travel in Denmark as well as international travel.

Read more about DSB Ung Kort on this website in Danish or ask in the ticket office at train stations.

Validation of tickets

You need to have a valid ticket when you use public transport in Copenhagen, or you can be fined DKK 750. A zone ticket is valid for between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the number of zones. When you use a Rejsekort, you have to remember to check in and out.