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Thomas Melbye

Helps with sales, management, realizing, coaching and business model and development

You can contact Thomas if you:

  • Need to be challenged on your business idea
  • Need help building and maintaining sales and pipeline
  • Need a reliable method of lead generation
  • Need to get an extra boost to get beyond the steps with your sales efforts.

Central to Thomas's approach to entrepreneurship is his focus on value creation in the business idea and how creative implementation can enhance the impact. A focus he has, among other things, taken on through his HD in marketing economics and his multi-year experience as an entrepreneurial consultant. Professionally, Thomas has a long background with management, sales and marketing in, among others, the IT, HR and consulting industry, a background that has given Thomas an extensive and versatile network.

In addition, the background has characterized Thomas with a solid focus on execution and given him wide experience of moving from strategic decisions to low-tech challenges. Thomas can therefore advise widely, from lead generation to sales techniques and pipeline management.

In a meeting with Thomas, you will be challenged on your business idea, focusing on sharpening what value you add with your product or performance. You want to get sparring with Thomas, your marketing and marketing activities with Thomas. Based on Thomas's coach background, he also offers coaching to execute the activities that will drive your business to the next level. In the firing process, Thomas will introduce you to practical and practical tools and mindset such as Business Model Canvas and Lean Business.

Contact for personal advice:
Tel: 24 52 63 58