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Business House Copenhagen provides free courses in English for people who are living in Copenhagen.

You can find a list of all the courses from Business House Copenhagen here

Doing Business in Denmark

This workshop consists of 1 ½ hours presentation and following, a discussion about how to overcome the issues and challenges of running a business, based on input from the participants and the speaker. The aim of the last part is to share knowledge and dig deeper into specific questions that the participants have related to their business, and networking
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Start Here - "Start your own business in Denmark"

“Start Here” is the first info meeting where you will get the most needed information about starting a business in Copenhagen. That is for example business forms, vat, taxes, import-export and insurance.
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From business idea to action

This workshop will help you take the step from business idea to action in a goal-oriented manner. You will be equipped with a toolbox enabling you to qualify your idea, test it and move it forward.
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