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Stig Sørensen

Helps with ownership change, Øresund consulting, construction and import and export

You can contact Stig if you:

  • Have a company that spans over the Sound
  • Need to be challenged on your business page
  • Must make a change of ownership
  • Need to get up on the economy

Stig has for many years advised a wide range of companies. But has especially advised in the craft industry and the construction industry. In addition, Stig is the expert in Copenhagen's Business Center when it comes to companies that are in the process of or going to span the Øresund. In addition to these focus areas, Stig has also helped a wealth of companies handle a change of ownership and even more to handle financial problems through financial planning and focus on the essentials.

In a meeting with Stig you will gain access to a broad experience in financial management, finance and sales. You will also meet an advisor who will take that extra step to help you with your business. A meeting with Stig most often ends with several tasks and issues to be investigated, all in the process of developing and optimizing your business.

Contact for personal advice:
Tel: 26 15 48 57