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Starting a business in Copenhagen

Denmark is a country that loves entrepreneurs for which reason it is an excellent place to start your own business.

Why should I start a business in Copenhagen?

If you have the drive, a good idea or an ambition to be an entrepreneur, Copenhagen is a good place to start a business.

There is a lot of security for you who want to start your own business. At the same time the number of people who start their own businesses is still relatively low for which reason there are good market opportunities for people interested in starting their own business. You can find information about who to contact for help and advice and how you can set up your own business below.

Business House Copenhagen

Business House Copenhagen is the link between businesses and the City of Copenhagen, and we help entrepreneurs start their own business. We also help and guide businesses to get the required permits, applications and licenses from the City of Copenhagen and other authorities.

As an entrepreneur living in Copenhagen or in Frederiksberg, you can attend our courses and receive counseling on different aspects of your business – free of charge.

Read more about our courses and counseling.

If you already have a business, we can help you with recruitment. 

International House

Established in June 2013, International House Copenhagen is a public-private partnership specialized in the reception and retention of international talent. The objective of the house is to provide international citizens with the best possible start to life in Copenhagen by giving them the comfort of a one-point entry.

International House Copenhagen consists of public and private organizations across 7 floors of which some, i.e. Workindenmark (WID), also offer services to companies.

The company related services include:

  • Helping Danish companies find foreign labour 
  • Helping foreign jobseekers find a job in Denmark 
  • Facilitating contact to the necessary authorities 
  • Helping companies and international employees get a good start