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Sports in Copenhagen

You can lead an active lifestyle and make good use of the sports facilities available in Copenhagen.

Dance and yoga

Many local culture houses offer dance lessons in tango and swing dancing. 

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Ice skating

There are two ice skating halls in Copenhagen where you can go ice skating with friends and family.

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Indoor and outdoor swimming 

There are many places in Copenhagen where you can swim and have a good time. The opening hours, prices and facilities available may vary according to the season and location.  

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Skate parks

If you have a skateboard, you can go skating at one of the many skating parks in Copenhagen. Most of them are free. 

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Sports halls and leisure centres

There are sports halls and leisure centres in every district in Copenhagen which are open to the public. Depending on the facilities available, you can play sports such as football, handball, volleyball, badminton, tennis or squash. 

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