René Larsen

Helps entrepreneurs with business ideas, business models and marketing opportunities.
  • Rene Larsen

You can contact René if you:

  • need to be challenged on your business idea
  • need more inspiration than "expert advice"
  • need to outline and explore a possible business model
  • need to explore your marketing opportunities

René believes in the "whole" entrepreneur. He believes that personal abilities, intention and passion are as necessary as craftsmanship, work experience and theoretical knowledge. His focus and competence lies in business model development within the Lean Startup Mindset. He is also an advisor for small creative businesses and startups.

René's initial point of interest is that every business idea is based on assumptions or conjectures which may be critical, e.g. customer segments, market conditions and finances. He believes that the actual demand, key characteristics and concepts need to be tested or validated by potential users before the realisation of a business idea.

With René, you can learn about the latest approaches, methodologies and tools from the global entrepreneurial community. This is built upon his education as a graphic designer and his career in various agencies. For more than 15 years, René has worked with 1:1 sparring and coaching of entrepreneurs and startups, with a primary focus on developing economically sustainable business models, marketing solutions and visual communication. 

Contact for personal advice

Phone: 27 15 30 25

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