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Register your business

When you start a business in Denmark, you can register it and have a CVR number (CVR = the Central Business Register number).

The CVR number is given by the Danish Business Authority.

Before you register a business, basically you have to:

  1. Know if you have the right to open a business with your work permit.
    1. If you are not an EU citizen:
      Contact the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration
    2. If you are an EU citizen:
      Contact the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration
    3. If you don't have a work permit:
      Read more about getting a work permit
  2. Get a CPR number
    If you are not registered as a citizen yet get a CPR number
  3. Attend our intro course Entrepreneurial Basis where you will get an introduction to start a business in Denmark
    Entrepreneurship Basis-course
  4. Read the checklist for starting a business made by the the Danish Tax Agency
    Checklist for starting a business  
  5. Be sure that you have enough finances to open and operate a business
    See Tools for business development

Get a CVR number

If you estimate that your business will earn more than DKK 50,000 within 12 months, it must be registered, and it must have a CVR number. If you have a turnover under that limit, the general rule is that you need not to register a company if you for example have a minor activity (hobby business).

Register your company at (form in Danish)

  1. Click [Start] and log in with NemID Employee Signature or NemID Private
  2. Approve the terms and click [Continue]
  3. Select the desired business form to start the registration
    1. Enkeltmandsvirksomhed = Sole Proprietorship
    2. Personligt ejet mindre virksomhed = Personally owned hobby company
    3. Interessentskab (I/S) = General Partnership
    4. Iværksætterselskab = Entrepreneurial limited company
    5. Anpartsselskab = Private limited company
    6. Aktieselskab = Stock-based corporation
  4. Enter other details such as address, branch, whether you are registered for VAT or import/export out of the EU, date of start of your company, etc.
  5. When the registration is approved, you will receive an email and you can proceed with ordering NemID, NemKonto and creating digital mailbox

Get help to register your business with the Danish Business Authority.
Phone: +45 35 29 10 00

Here you will also find help with amendments in your registration.