Recycling in Copenhagen

Learn where you can get help for garbage disposal at your residence and ways to recycle household waste.

Depending on where you live, waste bins and recycling bins can normally be found in your courtyard or basement. If you are unable to find the right bin for your recyclable waste, you can contact Nemaffaldservice or look for the nearest recycling station or local collection point. 


The municipality of Copenhagen provides waste bins and collects waste from your property. If you need more information on garbage disposal at your residence (find collection dates, order optional or extra bins, report a problem etc.), type in your address to start using Nemaffaldservice.    

Recycling stations and local collection points

Residents of Copenhagen can recycle their waste at a recycling station or a collection point. A collection point is smaller, only accepts certain types of recyclable waste and is accessible by foot only. Both types are staffed and most have a “swap stand” where you can donate or collect items which are still usable. 

Find a recycling station or a collection point near you. 

Deposit and return system 

In Denmark, you pay a deposit ('pant' in Danish) each time you buy drinks in cans or bottles with a deposit mark. You can get your deposit back by returning empty cans and bottles using reversed vending machines.

Learn more about the refund system for bottles and cans in Denmark.

Types of recyclable waste 

Below you will find information and examples of different types of waste you can recycle.