Public parking in Copenhagen

Public parking is available across Copenhagen, but you have to pay to park or comply with time restrictions in some areas of the city

Central Copenhagen is divided into tariff zones and time restricted zones as shown on the map below. The further you get from the city centre, the cheaper it is to park your car. Click on the map to see the parking fees for each zone, or enter an address in the search field to see the fee for a specific location. 

Parking is free during weekends from Saturday at 5 pm until Monday at 8 am as well as on public holidays. Outside the pay zone, parking is free, but there may be time restrictions. You should always check the signs in the street.

Electric cars, hydrogen cars and electric motorcycles can park for free at street level on public parking spaces. 

If you have a valid disability badge clearly displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle, you do not have to pay for parking in Copenhagen. Note, however, that the disability badge does not allow you to park where stopping is prohibited.

For more information on rules and regulations, visit (in Danish).