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Parks and green areas

The city has a wide range of parks and natural areas which everyone is free to enjoy.

The map shows all the green areas in the City of Copenhagen.

Some are classic landscaped parks or peaceful cemeteries, while others are "wilder" natural areas or local urban gardens. What they all have in commin is that they are freely accessible to all the city's residents.


There are certain rules for staying in the parks of the city. These rules are made to protect the parks and the nature and to show respect to other visitors. The rules can vary a little from park to park, but they are are displayed in each park on signs by the entrance. The signs are in Danish, but there are also pictures that show you what is allowed and what isn’t.

You are allowed to use both disposable and ordinary barbeques, but please do not throw hot coals or warm disposable barbeques in the rubbish bins as this can start a fire.

Generally you are allowed to barbeque on squares around Copenhagen. Several places there are even permanent barbeques you can use, for example at Den Sorte Plads, Ydre Nørrebro.