Parking fines

If you have parked illegally, you may receive a parking fine. The information on this page tells you how to pay it and how to complain.

If you park illegally in Copenhagen, you may receive a parking ticket. It is usually placed under the windscreen wiper of your car.

Check and pay

You can check your parking fine by entering the licence plate and the serial number of the parking fine. You will be able to see the parking attendant's photos and explanation. You will also be guided through the payment process. 

View and pay your parking fine here

Challenge a parking fine

There are two ways you can challenge a parking fine:

1. Complain online with your NemID

If you have a NemID, you can challenge a fine on

Log in to with your NemID 

2. Send an online form  

If you do not have a NemID, you can challenge a fine using an online form. 

Fill in this online form