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Nursing homes for the elderly

Citizens over the age of 65 may apply for a room in a nursing home. You can also apply for a place on behalf of a family member.

Nursing homes for the elderly 

A nursing home is like your own home with possibilities for you to participate in events and activities with other members. You can also receive care and support from trained staff to cope with everyday tasks.  

You can search for nursing homes or senior housing using the link below:

List of nursing homes and senior housing in Copenhagen 

How to apply for a place in a nursing home

1. Open the pdf file below (the application is in Danish)
2. ​Print and fill it out
3. Send it to your local community office (lokalområde-kontor).

Find the nearest local community office under "5 Lokalområdekontorer".


For a pensioner with no other income, it costs an average of DKK 1500 per month to stay in a nursing home.

The final rent depends on other factors such as:

  • Your income. If you have other income besides your state pension, your rent will be higher than that of a pensioner with no other income
  • The size of the room/apartment
  • The running costs of the nursing home.

The costs of living in a nursing home (rent, electricity, heating, food, laundry, etc.) will automatically be deducted from your pension.

Rent supplement/housing subsidy

If the rent is high, you can apply for a supplement/housing subsidy but this will be based on your income.