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New Danish lesson rules in 2018

From 1 January new rules apply if you are referred to Danish lessons for the first time from January 2018.

If you are a self-supporting course participant (foreign employees, students etc.) and are referred to Danish lessons for the first time from January 2018, you can receive lessons for up to 3.5 years in a 5-year period. 

The 5-year period starts on the day on which you are first referred to Danish lessons. If you have moved to Copenhagen from abroad after 1 October 2017 and have your first address in the City of Copenhagen, you have received a referral letter from the municipality that starts your period of education – whether or not you use the offer.

Voucher scheme

From 1 January, a voucher scheme for the Danish language training programme is implemented. Course participants already following a Danish language training programme as of 1 January, will not be covered by the voucher scheme until they are referred to a new module. 

You are given a voucher with up to six points. Course participants who at the start of the education are placed in a more advanced module than module 1, can only get the number of points that correspond to the remaining modules of the Danish language training programme.

The voucher gives you the possibility of taking breaks from your education programme. For example in connection with intense working periods, stays abroad, illness or childbirth. The breaks can be taken after you have passed a module test and before you start with a new module. However, you must inform the school if you want to take a break – or you will automatically use one point when a new module starts. If you do not pass the module test within the period for which the module is intended, you can continue the training for the subsequent point. In return, it means that you will use more points on passing a single module and will therefore have fewer points for the subsequent modules.