Networking activities in Copenhagen

You can meet new people and build your network through culture houses, language exchange clubs, meetups and more.

Community kitchens, culture houses and libraries

There is always a community kitchen, culture house or a library near where you live. Pop by and start a conversation with the locals near you. Read more about community kitchens, culture houses and libraries

International House Copenhagen 

At International House Copenhagen, you can sign up for social events, receive guidance in finding culture and leisure activities, get help with your job search and build a professional network. 

Sign up for events at International House Copenhagen or follow their Facebook page for the latest activities and events happening in Copenhagen

Language exchange clubs (snakkeklubber)

You can expand your network, practise Danish and other languages with locals and international citizens at conversation clubs and language cafes. 

Read more about language exchange clubs

Join a local group at and get to know international citizens in and around Copenhagen. 

Read more about

Sports clubs, associations and evening schools

You can be a member of a sports club, an association or an evening school to meet more people from your local community.  Evening schools also organise events during the day. 

Read more about evening schools

Read more about the sports association, DGI