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Local and regional election 2017

The election of members to City Councily of Copenhagen and the regional councils will be held on Tuesday, 21 November 2017.

If you are a national of Denmark, another EU Member State, Iceland og Norway you can vote in the election if you are resident in the local authority area. You have to have attained the age of 18 years to vote. 

People who are not of the above nationality may only vote if they have resided in the Kingdom of Denmark for a period of three years prior to the election.

The following persons are not eligible to vote:

  • persons, that are on tolerated stay,
  • persons, that have been expelled from Denmark by a court judgement,
  • persons, that have been expelled from Denmark by administrative decision, and
  • persons, that reside in Denmark in order to serve a sentense from an international criminal court.

Who can you vote for?

See a list of the parties that you can vote for (opens a new page on in Danish)

Election places

See where you can vote

Advanced voting

If you for some reason are unable to personally be present at the voting place on 21 November you have other options. See your advanced voting options

The electoral system

See how the Danish local electorial system works (Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior)

The political system in Copenhagen

Get to know the Copenhagen City Government and the 7 administrations