Job search course for accompanying spouses

Job search course for accompanying spouses in Greater Copenhagen.

Business House Copenhagen offers a free of charge 6-day course in English aiming at giving accompanying spouses a greater chance of getting the right job in Denmark.

Day 1: Information meeting

You will get information about different services that Copenhagen Municipality offers expats such as measures promoting employment, entrepreneurship guidance, leisure guiding etc. Furthermore, you will get information about unions and unemployment funds, how to get your foreign qualifications assessed, volunteer opportunities and more.

When you have participated in the information meeting you start a 5-day job search course the following week. It is obligatory to attend this information meeting before you can participate in the 5-day job search course.

Day 2-6: Job search course

Throughout the course you will strengthen your competences and learn more about how to search for a job in Copenhagen. The course will give you an introduction to job searching in general, how to write a CV and an application, Danish business culture, communication across cultures, Social Media, networking and career planning. You will end the course with a job interview workshop.

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Cancellation policy

If you cancelled more than once or did not show up without cancelling, then you are not able to register for the course for the time being due to a long waiting list.

PS. We are sorry, we do not have new dates for this course for the time being. We are going to announce new dates in mid June.