Is it free to borrow books and use the libraries?

You can borrow books, movies, CDs, games, and all other kinds of things at the library free of charge.

It is also free to sit and work at the library and to use the Wi-Fi. Many libraries have computers you can use free of charge, you only have to book one of them. Several libraries arrange free courses and lectures.

It is possible to borrow materials in many different languages. Moreover, the library offers reading facilities with newspapers, printing and copying options, and help with literature searches.

The public libraries provide free access for the general public to all kinds of media, including books, newspapers/magazines, music, DVDs, audiobooks and online resources.

The free and equal access to library services through the public libraries is granted to citizens by legislation.

Find your local library in the pdf below.

Read more about the libraries in Copenhagen at their webpage.

Set up yourself as a library borrower

Once you are set up as a borrower, you can borrow books and make use of all the other offers. You can also log on to the Internet and reserve books online, and get access to the library when there is no staff. Becoming a borrower is free.

See more about how to set up yourself as a library borrower at How do I borrow books at the library?