Isolation stay for Copenhagen citizens with COVID-19

The City of Copenhagen offers a voluntary isolation stay for citizens infected with COVID-19, who cannot isolate themselves at home.

Here you can learn more about who is eligible for a voluntary isolation stay, what requirements there are and how you apply for isolation outside of the home.

Application requirements

In order to be assigned an isolation stay, you must:

  • Live in the City of Copenhagen
  • Be tested positive for COVID-19
  • Have no to mild symptoms
  • Be able to care for yourself with no outside help

And be able to answer yes to one or more of questions:

  • Do you share a small household with many in a small area/or is it impossible to divide the area of your home, in order that you may isolate yourself in your own home?
  • Do you live together with one or more persons who is especially at risk of developing a serious course of illness, and whom you have trouble keeping your distance to?
  • Do you live with persons, who due to social problems or cognitive disabilities, cannot follow the authorities’ guidelines?

Children under the age of 18: you can be offered an isolation stay with an adult from your household.

How you apply

  • Send the answer of your COVID-19 test to Copenhagen’s Citizen Service (Borgerservice) using secure mail. See how in this guide (in Danish).
  • Wait 20 minutes and then call Copenhagen Citizen Service (Borgerservice) at 33 66 33 00 who can see your test result and will guide you from here.
  • During the conversation you will be told whether you will be offered an isolation stay.

Citizen Service telephone 33 66 33 00 opening hours

  • Weekdays between 9am-3pm
  • Weekends between 10am-12am

During the stay

  • Check-in as quickly as possible before 9pm on the day your offered isolation housing.
  • Transport: drive your own car or get a ride from a family member, where you are sitting at a distance, e.g. at the backseat of the car. Do not use public transportation. Call 33 66 33 00 if you have trouble securing transportation to the isolation housing.
  • You can live at the hotel for 48 hours after you no longer have any symptoms or up to 7 days after you have been tested positive if you have no symptoms.
  • Call 33 66 33 00 when you check-in and notify the hotel as well.
  • Avoid visits during the stay and follow the Danish Health Authority’s guidelines (in Danish).


  • The isolation stay is free of charge.
  • You must pay for food, potential parking and washing.
  • You decide whether to buy food at the hotel, order take-out or get it delivered.
  • Food at the hotel costs 150 kroners in total for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The stay itself is free of charge, but you are responsible for food, parking for your car and washing of clothes. You decide whether to buy food at the hotel, order rake-out and have food delivered from an online supermarket or your family. If you buy food at the hotel it will cost a total of 150 kroner for breakfast, lunch and dinner.