Internet access and media licence

When you have access to the internet at home, you need to pay for a media licence.

Internet access at home

If you need internet access at home, you should contact a service provider. Some homes may already be equipped with internet access (especially if you are sharing a flat with others), so check this before you order an internet connection.

There are many internet service providers and you should find one that best suits your budget and needs. You normally have to pay a setup fee and a monthly fee.

Media licence fee

When you have access to the internet in Denmark, you need to pay a media licence fee ("medielicens" in Danish). It costs DKK 1,927 per year. 

It is compulsory to pay for a media licence if you have any of the following devices:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Computer
  • Smartphone or tablet with internet access.

Paying the fee allows you to access services and content produced by DR (Danmarks radio or the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) such as broadcasted TV, online content or radio. 

Read more about the media licence registration on DR's website.