Infection detection

The City of Copenhagen is now helping with contacting and guiding Copenhagen citizens who have been tested positive with COVID-19.

If a test shows that you have the corona virus, you will be contacted by the Danish Patient Safety Authority, who will guide you on isolation and inform your close contacts so that they can isolate themselves and get tested. If the Danish Patient Safety Authority cannot get a hold of you over the phone, the task falls to us in the City of Copenhagen.

We will call and visit you – in order to prevent the spread of infection

We will call you, but if you do not answer we will come to you where you live. We will be two people from the municipality, and we will be wearing safety equipment in the form of face masks and visors. If you are not at home, we will leave information for you regarding the fact that we came by, and it is then important that you contact coronasmitte at 33 66 51 16

The goal in contacting you is to prevent the spread of infection of COVID-19. It is important that you start isolation as soon as you are tested positive. It is also important that you contact the people whom you have been in contact with immediately after getting your result, so that they may isolate themselves.

Go into isolation

We have numerous advice for you on isolation. If you live with other people it is possible for you to get a free isolation stay.

See a guide on isolation

Read more about the free isolation stay offer.

Contact close contacts

We will guide you on how to uncover who you may have infected – who are your close contacts. It is important that you contact them and inform them that you have been infected, so that they can also go into isolation and get tested.

Read the definition of close contacts (in Danish).

Read more about what your close contacts should do (in Danish).

Help with groceries

If you need help during your isolation, we have an ongoing collaboration with the Red Cross. They can help you with grocery shopping, dog walking, etc.

Read more about the Red Cross can help you (in Danish).