How much do I pay in taxes?

As a resident in Copenhagen you pay different types of taxes. The biggest part is income tax.

When you refer to the income tax rate, this is the sum of:

  • Municipal tax, which is around 23.8 percent in the City of Copenhagen.
  • State tax.
  • Health contributions, which are around 5 percent in the City of Copenhagen.
  • Church tax, which is only paid by members of ‘Folkekirken’ (the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark); this is 0.8 percent in the City of Copenhagen

The income tax rate currently varies between a total of 37 percent (for tax payers who pay bottom-bracket tax and who not pay church tax) and a total of 53 percent (tax payers who pay top-bracket tax and who also pay church tax). Your personal income tax rate is stated on your tax card.