How does my child get a Danish passport?

All children must have their own passports.

All children have to have their own passports. For Danish citizens, it is issued by Copenhagen Citizen Service (Borgerservice København).

What to bring when ordering a new Danish passport for your child:

  • Always bring your child.
  • The child’s original birth certificate if it is the first time the child has a passport.
  • Bring the old passport if your child has one.

If you have joint custody

Both parents do not have to turn up if one parent has given his or her consent by proxy. The passport application (in Danish) may be used as proxy.

The parent who comes with the child has to show an ID such as a passport, a driving licence or a Health Insurance Card (sundhedskort).

If you have sole custody

If you do not have joint custody, Borgerservice must see further documentation.

In cases where custody has been settled by resolution or judgement in court, you always have to show documentation.

Requirements for photos in passports for children

The requirements for passport photos are the same for children and adults. However, we recommend that children under the age of five be photographed at a photographer, as it can be difficult for a child to focus in the passport machine.

Bigger children can have their photo taken at Borgerservice when you order the passport. The price is an extra DKK 95 (2019).