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How do non-Danish speaking children start in school?

Non-Danish speaking children gets an introduction to the Danish language and school system by starting in a reception class.

Non-Danish speaking children will go to public school in Copenhagen, where it will be taken in consideration, that the child does not know Danish yet.

In Copenhagen there is different options for schools, if the student is non-Danish speaking. The student can start in a normal class, with support in the Danish language, or the student can start in a reception class. A reception class is a class with less students, that all are non-Danish speaking. The reception classes is placed in public schools. 

To identify what is best for the student, a teacher will uncover the student’s skills, in languages as well as literacy and numeracy, in a conversation with the parents and the student. After this, the teacher will recommend either a normal class with support, or a reception class.

The education in the reception classes takes place in age-divided classes

  • M-0 classes for children from 6-7 years
  • M-1 classes for children from 7-9 years 
  • M-2 classes for children from 9-13 years 
  • M-3 classes for children from 13-16 years 
  • There is also reception classes for students from 15-17 years

If the student starts in a reception class, the student will shortly after start the transition to other classes in the school. The transition will start in subjects where the student are comfortable or has special interests that will benefit the students’ progress of learning Danish. When the student is ready, the final transition to a normal class will take place. It can be to the school, where the student has been in reception class, the district school or another school.

Reception classes is placed in all areas of Copenhagen. The head master at the school will assess the students need for transportation, considering the age of the child and the distance between the school and the home.

For enrollment and more information, please contact the coordinator for newcomers by mail

Or call this number (+45) 40202585.

The coordinator will need to know your names, address, phone number, and the language, in which the child is most fluent.

The coordinator will make sure, that you will get an invitation to a meeting concerning your child’s needs and the process of enrollment. You must bring your child with you to the meeting. The meeting will be held, in the language, in which the child is most fluent.