How do I pay my taxes?

The tax is deducted automatically from your pay before it is paid out. You can see on your payslip how much tax you have paid.

Your income tax rate and your personal tax information will also appear on your tax card. See How do I get a Tax card?


If you work as a freelancer or if you need to pay B-tax for any other reasons, you need to make the payment yourself. Learn more on how to do this in the links below.


If you are an self-employed or starting your own business, there are different rules.

Read more about B-income at the Danish Tax Agency's website

Read more about starting a business at the Danish Tax Agency's website

Foreign researchers and key employees (‘forskerskat’)

Since January 2011, foreign researchers and key employees have been able to get certain tax advantages. The first 5 years you work in Denmark as a researcher or a key employee, you pay 26 percent in tax. With labour market contributions, it comes to 31.92 percent.

Foreign employees

Foreign scientists and key employees can choose to pay only 25 percent in taxes over a period of 36 months or 33 percent over a period of 60 months.