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How do I open my e-Boks?

e-Boks is where you find your Digital Post.

You log on to e-Boks with NemID in the same way that you do when using net banking and several other digital services:

Here you will find instructions in how to set up Digital Post. You can also follow an explanation with pictures, showing you step-by-step, or you can see it in a small film (in Danish).

You can find out how to get a NemID at How do I get a NemID?

When you open your e-Boks, you will see your folder with mail messages. In the left side of the screen the mail is divided into read mail, unread mail, sent mail, etc. in the same way as ordinary email.

If you have not logged on to e-Boks before

If you have never logged on to e-Boks before, you first have to sign up. This page is in Danish, but you can change the language at the bottom of the page. You press the button "New user" or "Ny bruger".

If you have problems signing up, you can:

  • Log in with NemID then read How do I get help with digital post? 
  • Get online user support on here 
  • Call e-Boks user support on phone: +45 38 17 11 87 (weekdays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., weekends 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

About Digital Post

Digital Post is free and secure. It is required that all citizens above the age of 15 have to sign up for Digital Post.

Your digital mailbox is connected to your CPR number, so it will follow you, even if you change email, postal address, etc.

For more information about the CPR number, go to How do I get a CPR number? 

What you can use Digital Post for

  • Easily and securely receive mails from public authorities and reply to them.
  • Save your mail and important documents in folders so you always have them at hand.
  • Receive the mail digitally the same day, it is being sent.

You receive a personal e-mail when there is Digital Post for you.