How do I know the terms for my employment?

You will find the terms of your employment in your contract.

Terms of your employment

When you get a job, you will get a contract. In the contract you can read the terms of your specific employment.

If you have difficulty understanding the contract, or if there are parts of it that you have doubts about, your trade union can help you.

They will be able to see if you employment conditions are legal and fair. It will often be possible for you to negotiate certain terms of your employment, among other things pay and working hours.

Terms of employment in Denmark in general

The Danish labour market system is different than in other countries because it is not primarily based on laws but on agreements and negotiations. It is often called the ”The Danish model”.

Agreements have been reached through negotiations between trade unions and employer associations.

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Trade Unions

In Denmark we have a long tradition of trade unions negotiating labour agreements, and this system is still in force.

The trade unions are often a good source of information for foreign citizens including for example courses and networking. Therefore it is a good idea to join a trade union.

In Denmark there are a number of trade unions that represent the interests of various professions and educations.

It might be difficult to figure out which trade union that fits your education and your work area, but try using the guide at Which trade unions are there in Denmark?

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