How do I get a tax card?

When you are working and getting paid in Denmark, you must pay income tax.

You can see the amount of tax you need to pay on your tax card.

You can obtain a tax card by filling out the online application form. You do not need a NemID.

This form is used for obtaining a personal tax number and/or a tax card, which you will need when earning income in Denmark. The tax card contains information about your withholding rate, your monthly tax-free allowances and deductions. When you have obtained a tax card, it will be sent directly to your employer.

It is also possible to receive guidance by tax professionals at the International House Copenhagen.

More information about working in Denmark is available at Your guide to working in Denmark.

Student tax card

You need a student tax card if you are working while studying in Denmark. Read more about tax cards for students at the Danish Tax Agency.