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How do I get NemID?

NemID is your digital signature and a single login for public websites, online banking and many other websites.

In order to get a NemID you must:

  • Be aged 15 or more. (If you are under the age of 15, you can only get NemID for online banking. Please contact your bank for further information.)
  • Have a CPR number. See how you get it at How do I get a CPR number?
  • Sign up on the NemID website

You do not have to be a Danish citizen to get a NemID. You can also get a NemID if you for example:

  • Have a Danish residence permit
  • If you work in Denmark
  • If you study in Denmark

There are several ways to get NemID

If you never had a NemID before, and you don't have a Danish passport or drivers licence, you must make an appointment with Citizen service in order to get a NemID.

Read more about making an appointment here

You can also get NemID via online banking or order it online (requires Danish passport or Danish Driver's licence).

At the NemID website you can also find help if you:

  • Forgot your user ID.
  • Lost your code card.
  • Forgot your password.
  • Want to change your password.
  • Need an extra code card
  • and much more.