How do I get ID for a young person under the age of 18?

You can get an ID card when you turn 16. Until you are 18, it can only be used as proof of identity for buying tobacco or alcohol.

You can order the card here:

Københavns Borgerservice Indre By (Copenhagen Citizen Service Inner City)
Nyropsgade 1,
1602 Copenhagen V.

Please bring the following items with you:

  • Birth certificate or Health Insurance Card
  • Passport photo

There are special requirements for this picture. If you do not have a passport photo, you can have your picture taken at the Citizen Service Centre.


  • Price for the ID card for young people: DKK 150 (2014).
  • Price for a passport photograph taken at the Citizen Service: DKK 95 (2014)

You have to pay for the card and a picture when you order it at Copenhagen Citizen Service Inner City.

The ID card for young people under 18 can be collected after 2 weeks.

Other picture ID

If you need a picture ID for something else, you can have a driver's license for a moped made instead, for example. But you do not need an ID card if you already have a driver's license for a moped or a valid passport.

These are valid proof of your age when you buy alcohol or tobacco.

Limitations of the ID card for young people

You cannot use the ID card for young people as proof of identity if you want to buy something on the hire-purchase or set up an bank account, for example.

There is no CPR number on the card, just the date of birth.