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How do I get healthcare in Denmark?

Most medical examinations and treatments in Copenhagen are free of charge, but you need to pay for certain health services and medication.

Which health services do I have to pay for?

Medical assistance and hospital stays are free of charge, as they are paid for through taxation, but as a resident of or visitor to Copenhagen you will have to pay for:

  • Medication: You can get subsidies for treatment with medication, but you will have to pay part of the amount yourself. The usual subsidy for medication is 50-75 per cent of the price.
  • Dental care: Dental care is not covered by the public health insurance once you are over the age of 18. For more information about the dental care for children see Are my children entitled to dental care?
  • Chiropractor: You can get a referral from your doctor which entitles you to a subsidy for part of the cost of  treatment.
  • Psychologist: You may be able to get a referral from your doctor which entitles you to a subsidy for part of the cost of treatment.

Other non-medical care, such as psychotherapy, coaching and alternative treatment: This kind of treatment is not covered by the public health insurance.

The Health Insurance Card (the yellow card)

You need a Health Insurance Card to get access to the benefits in the Danish healthcare system.

You must bring your Health Insurance Card every time you visit doctors, dentists, therapists, psychologists, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.

Read about getting a Health insurance Card (the yellow card)

Referral from your doctor (GP)

Once you are registered in the Civil Registration System, you are entitled to choose a general practitioner (GP) you can contact if you fall ill. A referral from your doctor (GP) is needed to see specialists, but not dentists, eye specialists and ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialists.

On (in Danish) you will find information about which treatments you can receive subsidies for.

Hospitals in Denmark

In Denmark we have free choice of hospital. You can choose yourself where you want to be treated.

When you choose a hospital, be aware that not all hospitals have specialist departments. For this reason it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about where you can get the best treatment.

Find a list of hospitals here

How is the Danish healthcare system structured?

The Danish healthcare system is large and comprises doctors, specialists, hospitals, home care, dentists and much more. The Danish healthcare system is based on equal rights for all citizens. Once you are registered in Denmark and you have received your CPR number, you automatically have the right to the benefits of the Danish healthcare system. The municipalities and the regions are in charge of different health tasks.