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How do I get an EU Health Insurance Card(the blue card)?

  • The EU health insurance card (the blue card)
You need the blue EU Health Insurance Card when you travel to a country within the EU or EFTA.

You order the EU Health Insurance Card digitally if you are a citizen in a country within the EU or EFTA.

Read more about the EU Health Insurance Card and order it online at (note that the online ordering process is in Danish). 

The ordering process

  1. Sign in with NemID.
  2. Select the people you want to order the European Health Insurance Card for.
  3. Specify whether you need to work, live or receive pensions from abroad.
  4. Click on 'Bestil kort'.
  5. You will receive a receipt.

If you do not have a NemID

If you do not have a NemID, and for that or other reasons cannot use the online self service, you must instead make an appointment with a Citizen Service Center.