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How do I get a doctor in Copenhagen?

When you register as a resident in Denmark and get a CPR number, you are automatically assigned a doctor (GP).

When you register your address, you will receive your yellow Health Insurance Card (sygesikringsbevis). On the card you can find the name and address of the doctor you have been assigned.

You can easily choose another doctor. See more under How do I change my doctor?

Does my child have the same doctor as me?

Most children have the same doctor as their mother. Children under the age of 15 living with their parents cannot choose their own doctor and are automatically assigned the same doctor as their parents.

If the mother and the father do not have the same doctor, the child will automatically be assigned the mother’s doctor.

When the child is 15, he/she will receive a letter saying that he/she now can choose to change doctors free of charge.

Your own doctor is the first one to contact if you are ill

You should contact your own doctor if:

  • You are ill or suspect that you may be ill.
  • You wish to be referred to a specialist doctor.
  • You are feeling depressed, anxious or experiencing any other symptoms of a mental health problem.
  • Your child is ill.

Your doctor will examine you or your child and make a plan for further treatment. If necessary, your doctor will refer you to a specialist or to the hospital system.