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How do I get a CPR number?

CPR stands for Central Person Register, which is a Civil Registration System.

Residents of Denmark are legally required to have a CPR number. You will also notice that your CPR number is your access number to a range of services in Denmark. You will need it to open a bank account, get a Danish phone number, loan books from the library, take out insurance, pay tax, receive salary etc.

The CPR number consists of ten digits. The first six digits are your date of birth (day, month and year) while the last four digits provide a unique identification number for all citizens in Denmark. The final four numbers also indicate your gender, ending in even numbers for women and odd numbers for men.

Executive Order on the Civil Registration System Act

In order to get a CPR number you must meet these criteria:

Important information about your address:

  • It must be a valid address, meaning that you have the right to register your address in the CPR system.
  • You are supposed to state the address where you are actually staying and it should be a permanent one, a minimum length of 1 month is expected but you can be asked to provide proof of 3 months’ stay
  • This will be checked and your registration will not be accepted if there are any obstacles.
  • A registration can be cancelled if the address proves to be illegal.