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How do I change our children's address now that we are divorced?

If you need to change your children's address after a divorce, you must report it via digital self-service.

The change of the children's address after a divorce must be reported by the parent who will be living with the child.

You need to use the digital self-service solution below to report any of your children under 18 moving in with you.

Please note you can change the language in the digital self-service solution to English or German after logging in with NemID-.

The digital self-service to change the children's address.

If you don't have a NemID read more on Getting a NemID

If you are moving with your child from the address that you shared with the other parent, that other parent must consent in writing. When you have reported the change of address, Folkeregisteret (the Public Registration Office) will forward the required papers to you.

Please remember that you have an obligation to inform the other parent that you are moving the child to a new address. You must give this information no later than six weeks prior to the move.