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How do I change my health insurance group?

You can always change from health insurance group 1 to health insurance group 2.

To change your health insurance group you must use the digital self-service solution below.

The page is in Danish, but you can change the language to English or German in the digital self-service solution after NemID-login.

The process of changing your health insurance group

  • Use your NemID to log on to
  • Then, press the green button
  • A new window opens and you can choose language

Please note:

  • The cost of changing your health insurance group is DKK 200 (2019).
  • The change will take place two weeks after receipt of payment.
  • You can change groups, if you have been a member of your group for at least one year.
  • You will receive your new Health Insurance Card by mail within 4 weeks after receipt of your payment.

If you do not have NemID or Dankort

If you do not have NemID or dankort, you must pay a visit to Borgerservice (Copenhagen Citizen Service) where you can get a NemID and/or pay the amount in cash.

Get more information about NemID

More information on national health insurance group 1

  • When you are a member of the national health insurance group 1 you are registered with a doctor (GP). This means that you have free access to treatment, counselling and guidance with your doctor (GP).
  • Specialist treatment is free. Your doctor (GP) decides if you need specialist examination and treatment and refers you to the treatment.
  • The National Health Insurance pays all expenses for general medical care and subsidises other services covered by the National Health Insurance.

​More information on national health insurance group 2

  • Members of health insurance group 2 must pay a fee to the doctor (GP). The National Health Insurance reimburses an amount corresponding to the expense incurred by a member of health insurance group 1.
  • Members of health insurance group 2 may seek treatment from any doctor (GP), specialist, dentist and chiropractor and, after having been referred by a doctor (GP), from a physiotherapist, chiropodist or psychologist.
  • Reference from a doctor (GP) is not required if you want to see other specialists.