How can I register/complain about discrimination?

If you have been a victim of discrimination, you can make a complaint to the City of Copenhagen.

You can contact Borgerrådgiveren (Citizens Advice Service) (in Danish, but available in English) at phone: +45 80 30 20 20 or you can register anonymously.

You can also register a hate crime at by Institut for Menneskerettigheder (The Danish Institute for Human Rights).

The City of Copenhagen uses these registered incidents in their efforts to fight discrimination.

Stemplet – an app to report discrimination

An anonymous app where people are encouraged to report discriminatory incidents. 
The app is a tool for the City of Copenhagen to understand how widespread discrimination is and where and which groups are most likely to be targeted. For instance, if a specific area receives a high volume of reports, authorities and city planners can take a closer look on the information and come up with ideas to reduce discriminating behaviour. For example, the area may need better lighting for residents to feel safer or certain bars may need to change their politics in the door.

Download the app here: for iPhone and for Android.

Read more about Stemplet.