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Having a car in Denmark

You have various options for owning or using a car in Denmark, including the option to share a car.

If you want to bring your own car with you to Denmark

If you own a car that you would like to bring with you when you move to Denmark, you must register it in Denmark within 30 days.

You can find out about the rules for driving a car with foreign registration plates in Denmark on the website of the Danish Tax Agency.

If you want to buy a car in Denmark

You can buy a car in Denmark without having a CPR number (personal registration number), but you must register it with the Danish Tax Agency before you can drive it, and for that you will need a CPR number. Find out how to get a CPR number 

The Danish Tax Agency

The Danish Tax Agency is the body in charge of the registration of cars in Denmark. On the Danish Tax Agency's English website you can see where you can have your car registered.

As a citizen in the City of Copenhagen, you need to contact Danish Tax Agency's Motorcentre Høje Taastrup, which is the one closest to Copenhagen.

Sharing a car in Copenhagen

There are various ways of sharing a car with others in Copenhagen.

Renting a car in Copenhagen

In order to rent a car in Denmark you need a driver's licence valid for driving in Denmark. This can be an international driver's licence valid in Denmark or a Danish driver's license.